Devils Tower This Time

El Matador, Scott Leroux following, shoes one size too big!

It was a good year at the Tower. I spent more time there the last couple of years, than I had in the past. It isn’t good technical training for Alpine climbing; the gear is too plentiful and you generally don’t have to be too clever to place it. However, the Tower is a good place to test your resolve and endurance, both mental and physical. You can’t fake your way through things at the Tower.

Rich on pitch 2 of Carol's Crack

There are no clever traverses or ‘new moves’ around difficulties. Only rarely can you suck it up and climb through a crux to a good rest. Only rarely does a climb prove to be a one move wonder, an isolated crux with easy climbing on the rest of the route. It’s a good place to go with someone like my friend Mike. He’s one of those people who’s surrounded by a motivational field. Standing next to him at the base of Mr. Clean, 160 ft. of finger locks doesn’t just sound reasonable, it starts to sound like a hell of  a good time.

Mike stopping for photos of ptich 2 of Tulgey Wood before Rapping back down Way Layed

Mike McNeil on a warm day in the Clark's Fork


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