Best of Cody – Triptych

It's what you got, not what they call it. Cody "WI 4".

It is hard to get skunked on this one. There is so much ice up this drainage, it would be hard to do all the possible pitches in one day. It is the second drainage past Legg Creek and easily recognizable due to the Triptych – a set of three pillars side by side about half way up the mountainside. Watch out for sheep on the approach. Just as you come around the last bend, there is a mineral lick where the bighorns congregate. Take care not to frighten them or ‘push’ them from the site. You can size up Hostile Takeover while you wait for them to step aside.

The crowd at the mineral lick in the Triptych drainage.

Hostile Takeover












Climb through a narrow gap to the right and into the second tier of climbs, High School Squids on the left and Spittin’ Bullets in a tight chimney on the right.

Spittin' Bullets seen from the narrow gap leading to the second tier.

The next tier up is the Triptych pillars.

The Triptych

 Above that is Nirvana: two easier columns in the shade on the left, (?) Long Neck Bottle and another, regular strength WI 6 in the middle, and possibly two more wet, nasty icicles higher up on the right.

Part of the upper band bonanza, Triptych drainage.

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2 thoughts on “Best of Cody – Triptych

  1. crrombough says:

    The “Triptych” haha, how appropriate. Must be way colder out west than the Dakotas this year.

  2. keithnoback says:

    Yep, the name is perfect. Just one of the many things I wish I’d thought of/

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