48 Hours at the Gym

Welcome to our facility at Whitewood

 Going to the gym in Wyoming is a little different. You don’t just pop over for the afternoon, it kind of takes all day. There is generally a commute involved.

 With luck it does not involve a shovel and a come-along. 

There is often a cost of admission, but if you are clever you can bargain it down. 

Every training session involves some cardiovascular work – mandatory cardiovascular work.

Approach to Leigh Creek ice

The machines are limited, too. No circuits, just different versions of the same exercise.



The motivational posters are great, though.

Just a little bit of limestone, Ten Sleep canyon.

And you can’t beat the ambiance of the locker room…

…or the cafe.

Mid-continental sushi after basking in the sun for 3 hours on the back seat. Thank you Baby Jesus, for giving us Wasabi.

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4 thoughts on “48 Hours at the Gym

  1. SBClimber says:

    Great post man! Looks a bit on the cold side? Although, I do enjoy a nice Sushi bar after a day of climbing. Where you mixed climbing? I see your axes in one of the pics.

  2. keithnoback says:

    The beauty of Ten Sleep, you can climb ice at Leigh Creek in the morning, then walk across the road and boulder or clip bolts in the afternoon.
    All the climbing at Whitewood is with tools and crampons. Pretty pointless, but it’s something to do and keeps you in shape.

  3. keithnoback says:

    I’d say this bitch is readin’ Marraige threatenin? you betcha. i’ll throttle ya for not gettin home safe. Throttle, you likes? yur a tuff lot the bunch o ya

  4. keithnoback says:


    a d\\

    okay, here we are, not so tough knowing you toook the tracker, eh? I see the yeller in yeh

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