Ring Around the Tower

After a week in the flatlands and another week of catch -up, it was time for a tune-up. Rich was agreeable, so we started on the West Face and chased the shade on moderate classics. Here’s the program: First pitch of El Matador, 5.8, First pitch of McCarthy West Face, 5.9+,

Climbers on the second pitch of McCarthy West, upper first pitch is the crack to the belayer’s left

First pitch of Carol’s Crack, 5.10a,

Carol’s Crack pitch #1

New Wave, 5.7 and 5.10a (we link the pitches – they’re pretty short),

New Wave

Assembly Line, 5.9.

Jedi Master Frank S. and client getting ready for the finger crack start to Assembly Line

Frank on Assembly Line

There are many others, Rangers Are People, 5.9, Mystic and the Mulchers, 5.8, Soler, 5.9, El Cracko Diablo, 5.8, First pitch of McCarthy North Face, 5.8, etc. If you plan to visit Devils Tower, consider these routes rather than insisting on a miserable experience on Durrance. You won’t get to the top, but then again, the top really isn’t that interesting.

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