Can I Have a Sunday School Lesson?

So, the weather crapped out and I’m sick besides. It’s a day indoors reading and training, mostly to avoid housework. This page is usually like a journal and sketch pad for me, and I don’t usually invite comment. But today is one for latent curiosities and nostalgia.
Most of my Sunday school lessons were pretty didactic. Only after I left religion did I realize anything else was possible. Even the world with God was weirder than I had ever been lead to believe. I’d like to ask some of the questions of any believers or non-believers out in the cyberether, the weird questions, that my Sunday school teachers never broached.
I’m interested in hearing what people think about these things, and how much. I don’t really expect to respond, so please just lay it out. That said, I’m not interested in appeals to authority. Not to denigrate those who answer any questions about God with “because scripture says so”, that is just a different issue, and one less interesting to me.
Without further preamble: Is it “like” anything to be God? That is to say, does god have any subjective experience, or any experience at all? If so, how does that work?
Does God have intentionality? Does he think about things and if so, how does that work?
Lastly, does God wish to be worshipped, and if so then how and why? Again, please show your work.
Obviously, the questions are related and may not require separate responses. Thanks in advance for any and all replies.

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6 thoughts on “Can I Have a Sunday School Lesson?

  1. I’m experiencing problems along those lines nowadays: I can’t quit smoking.

    My parents were atheists, which relieved me from having to get rid of religion. Just lucky, I guess. I don’t have to be an atheist myself.

    Religion must be really soothing in a way. Spiritual life after death sounds really cool… immortality.

    But the bit about of someone forgiving you for your mischiefs is very misleading. It’s like an invitation to crime.

  2. keithnoback says:

    Thanks Borut. Wow, crickets otherwise. I hadn’t expected that. Nobody can give a good answer? How can anyone talk about this subject if no one can describe the subject?

  3. Page 28 says:

    To me, those questions you asked are precisely what breaks the notion of any possible “entity”-god for me. If God were to have any intentionality, desires, or characteristics, then we would (hopefully) ask why God is that way. I think most religious, if they stumble into this, evade it by presuming God is the way he is because it’s the “best” way. That presupposes though a certain value system, and I personally think it’s easy to conceive of a “better” creation. So to me, such a god is not tennable in the first place.

  4. Marc says:

    Good questions Keith. I tend to look at it as a reflection of human experience. If we are made in the image of God, with the capacity to be like God, then family relationships may offer us insight. Although there is probably much more to it, the parent child relationship is similar to that of Creator and creature. The Creator, or parent, wants the child of its creation to have a life that fulfills their created potential. This requires guidance and love from the creator parent, and obedient love from the child creature. This obedient love is often spoken of as worship in religion.

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