Tenacious Calculus

We keep coming back to it.
Because, it is one of the best climbs in Sedona.
It has four distinct cruxes.
Starting right off the deck.
My son demonstrates the most photogenic method of ascent. He still has a way to go; good technique is boring.


3 thoughts on “Tenacious Calculus

  1. Chad Anderson says:

    Well, at least he manages to be photogenic about it. I had poor technique and looked bad at the same time.

    Besides, how’s he gonna get that Alpinist cover shot some day?

    • keithnoback says:

      Not climbing ice. He’s 14 and the tools still outweigh him.
      He’s a desert rat all the way.
      Very fond of tarantulas.

      • Chad Anderson says:

        Ice or not, I’m sure he’s more graceful than I’ve ever been.

        Bonus points for being fond of tarantulas. Behind glass panels, they’re tolerable enough.

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