All Lives Matter…

… is a way of saying that nothing more needs to be said.

It is watching a runner weave and stumble, and responding to the pleas of concerned spectators with, “They are all tired.”

But the epidemiology says otherwise. Something specific is off, and something specific needs to be said.

2 thoughts on “All Lives Matter…

  1. It’s never been that only black lives matter, but that black lives matter too. But I suspect even if the original slogan had included “too”, the “all lives matter” people would have found another way to misinterpret it.

    • The political Christian right in America was born out of opposition for non-discrimination policies. In the Evangelical South it was opposition to desegregation at Christian Schools; and Anita Bryant’s campaign was about opposition to the non-discrimination of gays. So yes, what we’re looking at is a campaign for discrimination masquerading as something else.

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